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Krishna Software (also known as Krishnasoft) is mainly dedicated to producing computer programs on CDROMs that are helpful to human society in becoming happy and peaceful. Our research and development focuses on multimedia CDROM presentations of spiritual subjects (Bhagavad Gita CD, Krsna CD, Srimad-Bhagavatam CD, etc.). The spiritual subject matter is based on philosophy, science and religion coming down from the ancient Vedic civilization. We also carry an Indian language transliterator for Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Punjabi. Our products are for Windows 3.x, Windows '95, Windows '98, and Windows Me/NT.

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Keep in touch with the science of Krsna consciousness. Write us an email if you want to subscribe to this free newsletter. *We used to create a newsletter every month, but currently only write newsletter when there is a new product or upgrade to introduce or some emergency(s); we have lots of notes/research but need someone to organize and type them into the computer. We have lots of computers as well that are perfectly equipped with what you need to enter our notes. We will provide you the computer to use if you want to volunteer to help Krishnasoft's mission. Your only qualification is your interest in our material and be unvaccinated. We currently cannot deal with vaccinated people as we have no medical men working here to deal with the unknown side-effects of the vaccine. We try to email/post our newsletter once we have organized it into a computer format that's readable for almost everyone regardless of OS he has. If interested in an interview or to subscribe to our newsletter, write to: or or

We have some people phoning us many times a day without leaving a message or emailing us and email never getting to us because of bad algorithm/restrictions in the email server. If you have to contact us privately for some emergency matter, for setting up appointment for interview, or other serious matter, use the SECURE Paypal button "Private Call/Email" below. We will provide you with secure phone # that is spam-free and/or private email address to use that is not filtered for spam! You will be refunded after the private phone call or email conversation is over.

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