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[We are now presenting the benefits of the Srimad-Bhagavatam personally to live audiences via lectures so newsletters like this are published mainly to present new products. So the following article on the Srimad-Bhagavatam will not be dependent on the reader having read our previous articles on the Bhagavatam published before by Krishna Software Inc. The Krsna CDROM and the Srimad-Bhagavatam CDROM from Krishnasoft present the great spiritual masterpiece Srimad-Bhagavatam in multimedia format.]

Many people have a vague idea of who is Lord Krishna or God. Some say "He's nature", some say "He's truthfulness", some say "He's some light", etc. There are others who even go as far as to doubt His existence because they do not see any evidence or have any argument to accept His existence. And some see so-called "unjust" things or "anamolies" happening by which they conclude there cannot be a perfect all-knowing Supreme Being. Certain Mayavadis (impersonalists) think Lord Krishna is just a great person but not the Supreme Being since they cannot understand how Krishna can act and behave like a human (after appearing to take birth). All of these conclusions are based on limited experience and limited and imperfect knowledge of reality. Some person with no understanding of Physics can read a Physics book and write his own absurd conclusions as to what the equations mean and what the funny little "S" (integration) symbols are, but his writing is based on his own limited understanding and experience. And it would be worse if someone wrote his commentary on Physics without even reading any Physics books. Before anyone tries to speculate on God or apply his logic to God through his limited knowledge, let him first understand the definition of God:

"I meditate upon Lord Sri Krishna because He is the Absolute Truth and the primeval cause of all causes of the creation, sustenance and destruction of the manifested universes. He is directly and indirectly conscious of all manifestations, and He is INDEPENDENT because there is no other cause beyond Him....I therefore meditate upon Him, Lord Sri Krsna, who is ETERNALLY EXISTENT in the transcendental abode, which is forever free from the illusory representation of the material world." (Bhag. 1.1.1)

Lord Krishna is independent which means He can do anything He wants without being restricted by anyone's analyses based on their limited experience or understanding. He can appear like a human on earth and still be God, eternally residing in His transcendental abode. He is not limited by space and time nor do the laws of the material world like birth, death, old age, and disease apply to Him. He Himself is the cause of the material world and it's laws. When He expanded Himself 16108 times to dance with the gopis and made one night run for thousands of years, it shows His independence of time and space. What makes sense and what does not is also due to Him so giving some lame argument of injustice or some anamoly to try to show there is no Supreme Being (Lord Krishna) is factually just a subjective statement. Since He is conscious of all manifestations and we are not, we can only receive information about Him and His creation directly through Him or through those in touch with Him (authorized disciplic succession):

"The disciplic succession holds that the Vedas were uttered by Lord Krsna to Brahma, by Brahma to Narada, and by Narada to Vyasadeva, and then by Vyasadeva to Sukadeva Gosvami and so on. SO THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE VERSIONS OF ALL AUTHORITIES. The truth is eternal, and as such there cannot be any new opinion about the truth. That is the way of knowing the knowledge contained in the Vedas. It is not a thing to be understood by one's erudite scholarship or by the fashionable interpretations of mundane scholars. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE ADDED AND NOTHING TO BE SUBTRACTED, BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH." (Bhag. 2.2.32)

"One has to accept, after all, SOME authority. The modern scientists are also authorities for the comman man for some scientific truths. The common man follows the version of the scientist. This means that the common man follows the authority. The Vedic knowledge is also received in that way. The common man cannot argue about what is beyond the sky or beyond the universe; he must accept the versions of the Vedas as they are understood BY THE AUTHORIZED DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION. In the Bhagavad-gita also the same process of understanding the Gita is stated in the Fourth Chapter. If one does not follow the authoritative version of the acaryas, he will vainly search after the truth mentioned in the Vedas." (Bhag. 2.2.32)

Once we can understand the above that our only method of knowing Him is through the scriptures like Srimad-Bhagavatam coming down from disciplic succession, we can eliminate all speculative theories which have no basis in scriptures like Darwin's theory of evolution, big bang, etc. That leaves the those who make theories by taking some things from the scriptures and adding their own ideas (two cents) to it and confusing innocent people into thinking it's all from scriptures. The Bhagavatam makes it quite clear that EVERYTHING in the scriptures must be accepted without picking and choosing things that you like or don't like:

"No one has to discover the nature of the Lord. It is already spoken by the Lord Himself in the Bhagavad-gita especially and in all other Vedic literatures generally. We have simply to accept them IN TOTO and abide by the orders of the Lord." (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.36)

So the Mayavadis who claim that God is ultimately impersonal and/or try to eliminate or minimize Lord Krsna's Supreme Personality with their word jugglery and speculations are misleading people:

"The Personality of Godhead is the LAST WORD in Absolute Truth. Impersonal Brahman and localized Paramatma (Supersoul) are included in the knowledge of the Personality of Godhead. So one who knows the Personality of Godhead can automatically know all about Him, His multipotencies and His expansions." (Bhag. 1.3.39)

Even all the various incarnations have their source in Lord Sri Krsna:

"According to Srila Jiva Gosvami's statement, in accordance with authoritative sources, Lord Krsna is the source of all other incarnations. It is not that Lord Krsna has any source of incarnation. All the symptoms of Supreme Truth in full are present in the person of Lord Sri Krsna, and in the Bhagavad-gita the Lord emphatically declares that there is no truth greater than or equal to Himself." (Bhag. 1.3.28)

Lord Krsna is the Absolute Truth and Srimad-Bhagavatam is a means of realizing Him:

"The intelligent person, with thoughtful discretion, can be assured by the great sage Vyasadeva that he can realize the Supreme Personality directly by hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam." (Bhag. 1.1.2)

"The Srimad-Bhagavatam is the transcendental sound representation of the Personality of Godhead, and thus it is the full representation of transcendental knowledge and religious principles." (Bhag. 1.1.23)

So anyone who has received the Srimad-Bhagavatam through the AUTHORIZED DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION has the potential for knowing everything there is to know about reality (Absolute Truth) without even reading/researching the thousands of Vedic literatures. Of course, the mundane literatures which are written by people with imperfect senses and based on experimental knowledge cannot offer any help to know the Absolute Truth:

"Such persons could not recognize Lord Sri Krsna even when He was present before them. Another difficulty is that those who depend more on their imperfect senses cannot realize Him as the Supreme Lord. Such persons are like the modern scientist. They want to know everything by their experimental knowledge. But it is NOT possible to know the Supreme Person by imperfect experimental knowledge. He is described herein as adhoksaja, or beyond the range of experimental knowledge." (Bhag. 1.8.19)

Such mundane literatures are not coming through disciplic succession and they are not the result of pure devotional service which is the ONLY thing Lord Krsna accepts:

"The Supreme Lord Krsna is described herein as atmarama. He is self-sufficient, and there is no need for Him to seek happiness from anything beyond Himself. He is self-sufficient because His very transcendental existence is total bliss. He is eternally existent; He is all-cognizant and all-blissful. Therefore, any presentation, however valuable it may be, is not needed by Him. But still, because He is the well-wisher for one and all, He accepts from everyone everything that is offered to Him in pure devotional service. It is not that He is in want for such things, because the things are themselves generated from His energy." (Bhag. 1.11.5)


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[Here is some feedback since the last issue (some from computer forums):]

>I would gladly pay US$5 per _litre_ of gas if I my fiancee and I didn't have to spend and average of US$800 a month on health expenses. (That's more than our rent and utility payments.)...

In certain cases, it's better to let the body heal itself of the disease entirely rather than fill up a doctor's billing records with more CPTs and ICDs. Body does try to heal itself of everything "bad" that happens to it or you do to it. You can aid that usually with fasting on raw vegetables/fruits for a day or two-- just like shutting down certain background tasks in a computer to give more CPU time to other tasks.

As far as gas, you can extend that principle that nature also tries to keep things at some equilibrium and all the gas useage is polluting the atmosphere so an alternative is needed and price pressures/natural disasters may help to take it in that direction. What ever happened to the electric cars? Even if they are not as fast, it's a step in the right direction like earlier B&W 8088 laptops. I guess unless you desire/deserve it, it won't happen.

[Everything is happening by Krishna's direct or indirect arrangement; there's no such thing as chance or randomness. Everything material follows the law of birth, death, old age, disease-- from atomic particles up to planets, stars and universes.

"Wherever there is the influence of eternal time, there is this set of tribulations, namely birth, disease, old age and death, and all of them are invincible." (Bhag. 1.13.19)

Similarly the laws of karma are acting and being enforced whether one believes them or not.]

>In theory, nothing prevents perfect emulation of the Amiga hardware today, including copper timing.

Nice joke but you should have corrected yourself by now (if you had read all the posts). It should read "In theory (software-wise), not even an Atari 800 can be perfect emulated what to speak of Amiga." I just gave a simple example that's not doable although it may seem like it's doing it. A fake diamond and a real diamond are different in molecular structure/density although they may look the same. Your emulator cannot be doing timing at 3.579545Mhz if it's timer is only accurate to 1.19318Mhz where reading the tick count itself takes more time than the quantum of the timer. You may need new hardware graphics card or joystick card when we start discussing writing to overscan areas of the screen, hi-speed reading joystick ports (for periperhals or other reasons), other port emulation, etc. The Commodore 64 can read a joystick port faster (@ $DC01) than a modern PC (@ 201h).

[We have examples of software that will run on Amigas and Ataris but not on modern PCs even after trying to optimally port that specific software for the PC in native mode what to speak of via emulation. It can be proven deductively that Ataris/Amigas cannot be emulated using modern PCs as they are: just like a ruler with marks for inches will be less accurate than a ruler marked for centimeters, similarly the computer has timers which can triggered off events at specific count values. The Atari uses a timer interrupt that is accurate to 1/1.789Mhz, the Amiga uses a special video coprocessor that is custom programmable and accurate to 1/3.579545Mhz; however the PC timer is accurate to 1/1.19318Mhz. The Amiga/Atari audio sampling rate also use the same frequency timers whereas many PC audio cards use 1/1Mhz for timing sampling rate based on the Sound Blaster standard.]

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Hector Rosario"
> To: IRM
> Subject: A challenge to IRM[Summary]
> Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 12:07:51 -0300
> Hare Krishna, Krishnakant Prabhu,
> Please accept my greetings again. All glories to Srila Acaryadeva and Srila
> Gurudeva, the most faithful servants of Srila Prabhupada. By glorifying
> their names we can get the mercy of Srila Prabhupada; by offending them we
> can only condemn ourselves.
> I have received authorization from Srila Acaryadeva (H.H. Hridayananda das
> Goswami) to proceed with the debate, if there is a purpose to it. As you
> know, I began this debate without authorization from my Guru Maharaja, but
> upon the suggestion of Shyam Krishna Prabhu from Vrindavana dhama, I
> requested the authorization of Srila Acaryadeva. The purpose then is to
> share with you my realizations, based on shastra-guru-sadhu, as to what to
> do when guilty of committing offenses against devotees. As an aside, I will
> summarize the arguments showing some of the logical flaws in IRM’s “The
> Final Order” once again.
> First of all, if I do not offer my obeisances to you any longer, it is not
> due to pride; it is simply due to respect for those you have offended.
> Remember, even if Srila Prabhupada might have said harsh words against some
> of his Godbrothers, it is not our position, as conditioned souls, to imitate
> him and utter harsh words against his Godbrothers. Hear from Srila
> Prabhupada:

I don't know how I got in the middle of this cross-fire of a
trivial debate since I never subscribed to anything from any of you
nor know any of you. I also don't buy either side's arguments. It
is NOT an offense to speak the Absolute Truth even it's to seniors
in age. It's like lecturing in Bhagavatam class-- even if
Vyasadeva was present, you can speak the Absolute Truth as
delineated in the Bhagavatam. The order of the spiritual master is
coming down from disciplic succession (SB 2.9.8) and that's what
needs to be followed. I don't see any big fault in people
declaring themselves gurus as long as the service they received
from their guru is being carried out. The July 9th letter seems
like just another service given by Prabhupada to some of his
disciples and it's bona-fide like any other service. As you can
tell by my use of the word "seems", I don't pay much attention to
Prabhupada's letters as it's not my devotional service. Much
confusion has been caused by people quoting Prabhupada's letters as
if it's "their" service or as if it's same as quoting Bhagavatam.
Perhaps, they should stop distributing the letters on CDs and other
material for people to become easily confused. Someone's service
may be to distribute books, but he may pretend to be a big shot or
a better book distributor than others but still if the service is
being performed, the faults should be overlooked. So although many
"gurus" may have pretended to be more than they are, as long as the
devotional service they passed down to their disciples was
bona-fide, the disciples are legitimate. Anything not related to
the devotional service of the Lord, know it to be His illusory
energy. So the debate is meaningless and maya unless you see it in
light of the devotional service as coming down from time immemorial
from Lord Krsna Himself. (rephrase from SB 2.9.34).

"Following the order of the bona fide spiritual master is the ONLY
duty of the disciple, and this completely faithful execution of the
order of the bona fide spiritual master is the secret of success."
(Bhag. 2.9.8)

I suggest you read newsletter August 1999: "Devotional service is
never lost" on my website if you want to involve me in the debate.
Back to the same point again, if some book distributor thinking
himself a big shot later causes offenses by suppressing other book
distributors, then you can see a problem of offenses and other
things coming in. Similarly, if some guru leaves, and some other
so-called "infallible" guru thinks that his disciples require
re-initiation, you should see how this causes problems. If the
devotional service received is bona-fide, there's no reinitiation.
And if the guru does not follow the July 9th letter of initiation
on-behalf of Prabhupada, he cannot initiate (period).

Everything is acting and moving by the Supreme desire of Krsna as
Prabhupada states in the Bhagavatam (10th Canto). I do see IRM's
point (assuming July 9th letter is legitimate), that this is a
bona-fide service given by Prabhupada but at the same time I also
see that this service was being carried out (knowingly or
unknowingly) as many grand-disciples are/were carrying out
Prabhupada's mission. The only time this July 9th letter became
significant was when reinitiation came out of the blue and
so-called gurus stopped following Prabhupada's advice.

[Another way to see that reinitiation is a bogus concept is that devotional service is the highest goal of life according to Bhagavatam:

"I say that devotional service unto the Personality of Godhead is the highest goal of human life." (Bhag. Intro)

"The supreme occupation [dharma] for all humanity is that by which men can attain to loving devotional service unto the transcendent Lord. Such devotional service must be unmotivated and uninterrupted to completely satisfy the self." (Bhag. 1.2.6)

And given that the Bhagavatam is the Absolute Truth (nothing lacking), it can be concluded that guru leaving CANNOT make one's devotional service NULL and VOID since then devotional service would NOT be the highest goal of human life; getting a bona-fide guru would be the highest goal of human life. In fact, some people with bona-fide gurus are not following properly and thus have NOT attained the highest goal of human life. Also as stated in Bhagavatam 1.1.2, the Bhagavatam is sufficient in itself for God realization and it states that one receives the bhakti-lata bija through mercy of guru and Krsna, but it does not state that this process of receiving the bhakti-lata bija can occur more than once:

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead is present in everyone's heart, and as soon as He understands that a living entity is serious about entering devotional service, He sends His representative. In this way Narada was sent to Dhruva Maharaja. This is explained in the Caitanya-caritamrta. Guru-krsna-prasade paya bhakti-lata-bija: by the grace of the spiritual master and Krsna, one can enter into devotional service. Because of Dhruva Maharaja's determination, Krsna, the Supersoul, immediately sent His representative, Narada, to initiate him." (Bhag. 4.8.25)

That is the process of receiving a bona-fide devotional service. If the guru is too weak to keep following, there's NO WAY that you can receive or should wait for another bhakti-lata bija since that procedure is NOT anywhere in the Bhagavatam. The Bhagavatam maintains the consistency that the devotional service be carried out:

"It is the duty of the siksa-guru or diksa-guru to instruct the disciple in the right way, and it depends on the disciple to execute the process..." (Bhag. 4.12.32)

"This incident proves that the siksa- or diksa-guru who has a disciple who strongly executes devotional service like Dhruva Maharaja can be carried by the disciple even though the instructor is not as advanced." (Bhag. 4.12.33)

"A living being's sustenance of existence is to coordinate his activities with his eternal relation with the Supreme Lord Krsna." (Bhag. 1.2.6)

And the devotee carries out the SAME devotional service received from the guru even after the body dies:

"For a devotee there is no difference between living and dying because in this life a devotee engages in devotional service, and after giving up his body, he engages in the SAME SERVICE IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. His devotional service is NEVER hindered." (Bhag. 6.9.55)

Once the devotee carries out his bona-fide devotional service, NOTHING EXTERNAL to him can hinder it.

"Everyone within the creation of the Lord is rendering service to the Lord indirectly or directly. No one is an exception to this law of the Lord. Those who are rendering service indirectly, being forced by the illusory agent of the Lord, are rendering service unto Him unfavorably. But those who are rendering service unto Him directly under the direction of His beloved agent are rendering service unto Him favorably. Such favorable servitors are devotees of the Lord, and by the grace of the Lord they can enter into the mysterious region of transcendence by the mercy of the Lord. But the mental speculators remain in darkness all the time." (Bhag. 1.3.38)

Realization of the scriptures is only possible if the devotional service is bona-fide. So whether the devotional service is bona-fide is also something verifiable internally by the person carrying out the service so he cannot get deviated from his service by some imposter's mental speculations:

"The Personality of Godhead said: Knowledge about Me as described in the scriptures is very confidential, and it has to be realized in conjunction with devotional service. The necessary paraphernalia for that process is being explained by Me. You may take it up carefully." (Bhag. 2.9.31)

And the Supersoul is also helping the devotee in his realizations which are based on deductive knowledge and not based on our imperfect/limited experience:

"He comes to know everything of the absolute and the relative truths. The devotee cannot remain in darkness, and because a devotee is enlightened by the Personality of Godhead, his knowledge is certainly perfect. This is not the case for those who speculate on the Absolute Truth by dint of their own limited power of approach. Perfect knowledge is called parampara, or deductive knowledge coming down from the authority to the submissive aural receiver who is bona fide by service and surrender. One cannot challenge the authority of the Supreme and know Him also at the same time. He reserves the right of not being exposed to such a challenging spirit of an insignificant spark of the whole, a spark subjected to the control of illusory energy. The devotees are submissive, and therefore the transcendental knowledge descends from the Personality of Godhead to Brahma and from Brahma to his sons and disciples in succession. This process is helped by the Supersoul within such devotees. That is the perfect way of learning transcendental knowledge." (Bhag. 1.2.21) ]


Krishna Software Inc. is dedicated to help people become peaceful and happy via spiritual science presented using modern multimedia technology. Our editorial policy as well as our mission is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.2.37 Purport):

"One should engage in practical service to the Lord. In our Krsna consciousness movement, *ALL* our activities are concentrated upon distributing Krsna literature. This is very important. One may approach any person and induce him to read Krsna literature so that in the future he also may become a devotee.... By fully concentrating on distributing books for Krsna, one is fully absorbed in Krsna."

Our newsletters are geared to show you the benefits of the instructions contained in the transcendental books of Srila Prabhupada so you can judge for yourself the value of these books and obtain them in book or CDROM format. We also have video demos of the Gita CDROM and Bhagavatam CDROM available for those without computers or those who want to get a glimpse into what is on the CDROM.

Krishna Software Inc. has produced some multimedia CDROMs and all the details and reviews of these CDROMs can be found at our website Here is our current list of products:

(a) Multimedia Bhagavad-gita As It Is CD: Lord Krsna's eternal instructions to Arjuna and the rest of the world about Isvara (Supreme Lord), jiva (the soul), karma (activities), kala (time), and prakrti (nature). This is a 30-hour audio-visual CDROM. Also available with Hindi translations and w/MPDOS Pro for executing on Ataris/Amigas.

(b) Multimedia Srimad-Bhagavatam CD: An encyclopedia on the science of Krsna consciousness. This CDROM deals in detail with bhakti-yoga and covers various subjects-- the creation of the universe, Vedic astronomy, transmigration, birth-death, etc. This is about 35 hours of audio-visual presentations.

(c) Multimedia Krsna CD w/Vedic Astronomy: This is a 51-hour audio-visual presentation of the Krsna book and a Vedic Astronomy simulation based on the Srimad-Bhagavatam. All on a single CDROM. Free sample demo downloadable from our website.

(d) Multilingual Word Processor CD [version 4.00/5.00]: Type in diacritics, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, and Assamese without knowing the alphabet. This is for those who want to write articles using multiple languages. Free demo downloadable from our website. New version now supports Marathi script.

All of the above software was tested on various Intel 486 and Pentium processors running Windows 3.1, Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows XP, and Windows NT (client and server).

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