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To order any of Krishnasoft's CDROMs via our secure-server, CLICK HERE.

Alternately, you can paypal order of CDROM(s) to info@krishnasoft.com. Paypal IDs are krishna@krishnasoft.com or info@krishnasoft.com; both are valid or use the express buy-it-now button below to place order via paypal for the 3 main CDROMs. Standard shipping is fixed at $4 for USA and $7 for outside USA for single item; otherwise it depends on what type of tracking, your location, insurance, and number of items ordered. For ordering books, call us at 732-549-3097 for availability check or email us via krishna@krishnasoft.com or krishna@krishnasoft.org for more information.

Multimedia Gita CD
Multimedia Bhagavatam CD
Multimedia Krsna Book CDROM

For our mail order form, click here.

For evaluation/demo copies or technical questions, try the FAQ section. If that does not help, email us at: <Info-Sales> .

* Above prices do not include shipping and handling or other additional charges. If we ask you to choose from a list of payment methods, that means we distinguish between payment methods; i.e., we do not believe they are all one. By default, if we do not already give you the formula for the shipping&handling charge, you should expect the price for the shipping and handling to be given to you after you choose your products.

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