Krishna Software Inc. FAQ/Upgrades of Multimedia CDs

Technical Support: Frequently Asked Questions/Upgrades

General Questions regarding Gita CD, Krsna CD, and Bhagavatam CD:

(1) When I exit from the program, the screen turns black or some of the icons disappear (turn black) or the cursor disappears. How do I fix this?

The multimedia Cds were optimized to fully utilize the speed of your graphics card so some graphics cards may have problems when exiting. This is just a display repaint problem and harmless to your computer. It is due to some video cards and drivers using the video memory for icons, cursors, and other things besides just for displaying images. There are several ways to fix this or avoid it:

(a) Best solution is to download the upgrade files to the Gita CD and Krsna CD. Links are provided at the end of this FAQ below. These upgrades fix up the problems for newer video cards and newer operating systems like Windows '98/NT. Like the Srimad-Bhagavatam CD, these upgrades support the F12 key to reset the display when you exit in cases where it is not automatically reset.

(b) Re-install the program and check the box that says: "Use Windows instead of VESA modes." This will fix the problem on ALL machines and ALL video cards but it will slow down the software a little bit. Make sure that Windows' resolution is in 16-bit (65536 colors) or 24-bit (16,777216 colors) mode.

(c) You can disable the graphics hardware acceleration feature. To do this: (i) right click on the desktop and select "Properties"; (ii) Select "Settings"; (iii) Select "Advanced Properties"; (iv) Select "Performance"; (v) Now move the Hardware Acceleration slider to "None". Close all of the windows and restart the computer. The acceleration features can also be selected from the Display/Settings section of Control Panel. You should also go to the "Preferences" dialog box within the CD software and check the box that states "Preserve Vidmem". Click "Ok" and run the program.

Contact us for other questions regarding display problems by email: or

(2) The audio is too low in volume or does not work at all even though I have a sound card. What's the problem?

Some audio cards misbehave in "Stereo" mode. Try running in "Mono" mode by choosing this setting in the "Preferences" dialog box.

Also, make sure you have the upgraded version of the software and drivers.

(3) The system locks up when I select any or most of the items in the menus or program crashes/does not work. What's wrong?

Make sure the CD is clean from all dust or fingerprints and is *IN* the drive. The CD-Reader will misread the data if there are finger-prints or dust on the CD. Also, if you scratched the CD or damaged it, it will cause system lock-up. Contact tech support at Krishna Software Inc. for help.

If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, you must install (or re-install) the software with the "Use Windows instead of VESA modes." box checked. These Windows versions do not support VESA modes. (4) Sometimes I get two cursors, one at the bottom and one at the top of the screen. How do I avoid this?

Under Windows '95/'98, sometimes the cursors are animated and become enabled even on top of other windows. Before starting the CD, make sure all taskbars or other applications using animated cursors are either shut-off or put on the right or bottom of the screen.

(5) The sound seems to work initially but later stops especially when trying to narrate a verse or when hitting the "Present" button. What's wrong?

Some new computers come with very new audio drivers that are still bugged; here is a method which should fix the problem:

(6) How do I run the Gita CD on modern tablets?

Fortunately, the modern Windows tablets still mainly use a 32-bit OS so the CDs can be run on these systems without modification and without requiring any emulators. Here's a picture of Gita CD running on an Asus K0X tablet using a USB hub to hook up a mouse and keyboard to the tablet making it work like a laptop:

Also shown are pictures of Gita CD running in native mode (no emulators) on Toshiba Encore and Asus T100 tablet with a docking keyboard. Note that a mouse is required to run the Gita CD so a mouse is hooked up to the Toshiba Encore tablet via the micro-USB port using an OTG adapter (which converts the microUSB into a regular size USB port). On the Asus T100, the docking keyboard already has a mouse pad built-in so no mouse or hub or keyboard is required and the microUSB port is free for attaching something else.

For 64-bit Windows OSes on tablets, laptops, and desktops, you need to first install a Windows or DOS emulator like DOSBox, and then put the older Windows 3.x files into a subdirectory like C:\KSI\Win3 and then run the older Windows from within DOSBox with the "Win" or "Win386" command. There aren't that many files since the older Windows used to run on top of DOS and only took up a few megabytes. A couple of images shown below are from DOSBox running on Asus Tablet but it works the same on any Windows based computer and supports Android OSes as well.

Multimedia Krsna CD upgrade

Download the upgrade to Krsna CDROM by clicking here. This is a self-installing upgrade (EXE file) that needs to be RUN from the START menu under Windows '95/'98/2000/XP/NT. It will upgrade files in the C:\KSI\KB subdirectory. These upgraded files support the same features that the previous zip file upgrades supported. See May '99 and May-July 2000 newsletters for more information about the upgrade..

Multimedia Bhagavatam CD upgrade

Download the upgrade to the Bhagavatam CDROM by clicking here. This is a self-installing upgrade (EXE file) that needs to be RUN from the START menu under Windows '95/'98/2000/XP/NT. It will upgrade files in the C:\KSI\SB subdirectory. You need the Bhagavatam CD upgrade only if you have a problem exiting out of the Bhagavatam CDROM or need to improve the video quality.

Gita CD upgrade

Download the upgrade to Gita CDROM by clicking here. This is a self-installing upgrade (EXE file) that needs to be RUN from the START menu under Windows '95/'98/2000/XP/NT. It will upgrade files in the C:\KSI\BG subdirectory. These upgrade files support (1) 1024*768 resolution w/interpolation, (2) fix problems with newer video cards and Windows '98/XP/NT, etc. See May 2000 newsletter for more information about the upgrade.

BG previous upgrade (ZIP) file: BG.ZIP