Krishna Software Newsletter October 1998 PORTABLE VEDIC PLANETARIUM FOR SALE!

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This is the October 1998 (Kartika) issue entitled: "Portable Vedic Planetarium for Sale!".

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(1) New Product: Multimedia Krsna Book CD
(2) New Product: Vedic Astronomy Educational Game CD
(3) Tips and Tricks with the Gita CD
(4) Words from Lovi, the game designer
(5) Ordering Information


This is the latest CD from Krishna Software. This renders the Krsna Book of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada into multimedia form and the setup is similar to the multimedia Bhagavad-gita As It Is CD. It contains:

(a) Multimedia bhajans by Srila Prabhupada like "Yasomati Nandana", "Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna", etc.
(b) Multimedia demonstration of the universal form of Krsna;
(c) Table of contents allowing easy access to all 89 chapters of the entire Krsna Book;
(d) About the Author with background bhajans;
(e) Deity Greetings (different dresses for the Deities than Gita CD);
(f) Chanting section (different audio than Gita CD);
(g) On-line help and user's manual;
(h) Print any paragraph(s) w/fancy border options;
(i) Extract any paragraph(s);
(j) Dictations of most of the Krsna Book by Srila Prabhupada;
(k) 310 illustrations synchronized with dictations and text

You already know that the Gita CD was packed with about 30 hours of audio information; well, we improved the lossless compression technology and were able to fit 51 hours of audio on this CD! Most of the audio is taken up by the Krsna Book dictations by Srila Prabhupada. There is nothing like hearing directly from the lips of a pure devotee especially about the birth of Lord Krsna, His pastimes of stealing butter, being tied by mother Yasoda, etc. Everyone who enjoyed the glories of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna in the Multimedia Bhagavad-gita CD will welcome and treasure this new multimedia CD.


Youngsters are attracted to all sorts of games, but what kind of effect do the games have on the consciousness of the people if they just involve shooting and killing? We thought about this and built a game that would help people learn about Vedic Astronomy and be fun at the same time. But this game is not just for kids. Many adults would also be interested to learn about Vedic Astronomy from the Srimad-Bhagavatam through the game. We built our game almost entirely according to the statements of the Fifth Canto and the 89th Chapter of the Krsna Book: "The Superexcellent Power of Krsna." In this chapter of the Krsna Book, Arjuna and Lord Krsna take a ride on their transcendental chariot to go meet with Maha-Visnu. On the way, they travel through different atomospheres and planets. They also go through the 7-layer covering of the universe. We named our game SPK, or "Superexcellent Power of Krsna." In the game, you are given a special spaceship, limited time and fuel to save the earth from nuclear disaster. Your goal is to travel to Maha-Visnu outside of the universe and seek a solution to the problem on earth.

This software also includes a simple "Tour of the Vedic Universe" which lets you travel around the universe and see where everything is before you get involved in playing the game. All the distances and planets shown in "Tour of the Vedic Universe" and SPK are based ENTIRELY on the Fifth Canto. You can spend hours or even days traveling around the universe sitting in front of your own PC. Ever wanted to explore the universe according to the Vedic view? Ever wanted to visit Dhruvaloka? Ever wanted to see where the Ganges flows into this universe? Ever wanted to see where is Pitrloka or Narakaloka? Ever wanted to know where the sun is in comparison to the earth? Now, you can own a PORTABLE VEDIC PLANETARIUM of your own and answer all these questions easily by yourself.


Some people do not have the time to read the on-line manuals provided with the multimedia CDROMs from Krishna Software. So, here we give some essential tips to help you out with the Gita CD:

(a) You can use the RIGHT mouse button throughout the Gita CD to change screen layout. This is equivalent to pressing the F5 key. For example, if you are in the Biography section and would like to change views from full screen picture to split screen picture+text, just click on the right mouse button. There are three different views, so keep clicking on the right mouse button and your view will change through the various modes. The left mouse button is always used for selection purposes (as is normal).
(b) You can continually narrate all the verses in the Gita CD by going to the starting verse from the Table of Contents and then holding down the SHIFT key when clicking on the narrate button.
(c) When the Gita CD starts, you can skip the introductory title screen by pressing the SPACE-BAR.
(d) You can shut-off the thunder noise in the beginning by selecting "No Title Sounds" in the "Options" menu in GUI mode.

The next version of the Gita CD will include the Hindi version of the text along with the English. If you have any other questions and comments about the Gita CD, email them to:


Dear Maharajas, matajis, and devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We, at Krishna Software, understand that it is in fact Lord Krsna Himself who is distributing knowledge of His own self through His books, CDs etc., and so consider it our good fortune to help in this mission as best as we can. It is said in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.3.36): "Here He [Lord Krsna] is called the amogha-lilah, which indicates that there is nothing lamentable in His creation. Those who create disturbance in His creation are themselves disturbed." The game CD was created with this statement in mind.

We therefore hope that not just youngsters but everyone finds the Vedic Astronomy game: "Superexcellent Power of Krsna" especially interesting. All glories to Srila Prabhupada whose writings continue to inspire millions of people to become re-attracted to the reservoir of all pleasure, Lord Sri Krsna.


Lovi [Virender],
Game designer


We have combined the new Multimedia KRSNA CDROM and the VEDIC ASTRONOMY CDROM into a single CD with a very low promotional price. Thus, you get both the multimedia Krsna Book with 51 hours of audio-visual information and the "Tour of the Vedic Universe" Fifth Canto simulation with the Vedic Astronomy game (SPK) for ONLY $59.

We take VISA/MasterCard or Checks. You can email us at: for more information. Our fax/phone number is: 1-732-549-3097 (US) and 0181-548-1619 (UK). A few people who received the early version of the Krsna CDROM without the Vedic Astronomy portion can upgrade for the price difference plus shipping. All of the ordering information is also at our web site:

The Krsna CD was tested on various Intel 486 and Pentium processors running Windows 3.1, Windows '95, Windows '98, and Windows NT (client and server). The scheduled release date is October 23, 1998.


End of Newsletter- written and edited by KSI staff; (c) 1998 Krishna Software Inc.
Our staff consists of: Hari Rama Dasa, Lovi, Rajni, Virender, and a few part-time volunteers.
We also thank the VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) for letting us demonstrate our software at their summer camp 1998.

Please forward this newsletter to any friends who may be interested.

Happy Diwali and Happy Govardhana Puja!!!

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