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[We are now presenting the benefits of the Srimad-Bhagavatam personally to live audiences via lectures so newsletters like this are published mainly to present new products. So the following article on the Srimad-Bhagavatam will not be dependent on the reader having read our previous articles on the Bhagavatam published before by Krishna Software Inc. The Krsna CDROM and the Srimad-Bhagavatam CDROM from Krishnasoft present the great spiritual masterpiece Srimad-Bhagavatam in multimedia format.]

In modern times we find many "big" scientists and scholars denouncing religion as mythology while postulating their own concocted theories to be "science" and belonging in the world of the "proven". They are simply puffed up by some simple things that they have discovered by trial and error and think that will give them a free pass to denounce all religion blindly and to make nonsensical theories like the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. These two theories which NO ONE has ever observed nor can observe since it occurred millions or billions of years ago or takes millions of years to take place. So most people blindly accept them because they are written in the same books which also contain some simple basic laws which are easily observed currently. To justify these theories scientists rely on words like chaos and chance or words that essentially mean the same since you cannot go to a lab and do an experiment to prove them. In fact, some of their own basic laws that the scientists have proven clash with these theories. The scientific method of observing events and then drawing hypotheses and conclusions cannot apply to these theories because the opposite is observed and true. Lets take the Bhagavatam's view of the origin of species and see which one is actually a myth:

"When there is creation, the living entities take on different forms according to past desires. This means that all the species or forms of life are simultaneously created. Darwin's theory stating that no human being existed from the beginning but that humans evolved after many, many years is simply a nonsensical theory. From Vedic literature we find that the first creature within the universe is Lord Brahma. Being the most intelligent personality, Lord Brahma could take charge of creating all the variety found within this material world." (SB 4.28.53)

Bhagavatam is stating that you start with the most intelligent personality in the material world and then the other species can be created by him or through his arrangement. That would make sense even from the modern scientific method approach and you would not have to rely on chance and chaos. A machine can be made that makes other machines like itself or inferior since the information content of the original is greater than or equal to the ones created. We cannot take a word processing program like Microsoft Word and make it into a mathematical spreadsheet type program like Microsoft Excel by randomly poking around the code! Even though there are many modules of both program that look similar or work similarly. Keep poking around the code for as long as you want, it will only crash at the end. You would need an intelligent designer to modify one into another and thus you would have employed more information content from the designer. And we are just talking about different species here having some different features so what to speak of getting all the features from a single celled species.

By using word jugglery of the word "chance", people get confused and think there's some science behind the Theory of Evolution in the species "evolving" from lower to higher or the Big Bang Theory in explaing the creation of the universe. Instead of using the word "chance" or "accidentally", they use more complex words that mean the same like "random mutations" or "stray cosmic rays" or "fuzzy logic" or "probabilistic over millions of years" some other meaningless term which essentially means "I do not know". We dealt with this before in our May 1999 newsletter "There is No Such Thing as Chance!" No one has ever observed anything ever happening by chance nor will there ever be anything that happens by chance. When a person is ignorant of the details of the event, he explains the event as 'happening by chance'. For example, if I throw a laptop down the stairs I can guess it will break into 10 pieces or maybe 37 pieces or 500 pieces. But the event is not a chance event; if I knew the exact forces involved in hurling the laptop down the stairs, I can exactly state how many pieces it will break into and how long it will take and where each piece will end up. I can throw 100s of laptops down the stairs and get some probability but they still are not chance events. They are all exactly predictable events but whether I know all the forces involved in the outcome is in question.

So any explanation that uses the word "chance" or its synonyms is a mythological explanation and should be abandoned. Srimad-bhagavatam never uses this word to explain phenomena; instead it states the opposite:

"One should understand that no one is independent, for everything is part and parcel of Krsna and is acting and moving by the supreme desire of Krsna. This understanding, this consciousness, is Krsna consciousness." (SB 10.13.53)

This would be compatible with the other religions as well who state that "not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Supreme." I do not even have to quote the ancient scriptures or God's own texts to disprove these the Theory of Evolution and Big Bang. The scientists in their own books like Thermodynamics have stated the law of entropy:

"Hence, entropy can be understood as a measure of molecular disorder within a macroscopic system. The second law of thermodynamics states that an isolated system's entropy never decreases." Putting aside the word jugglery here, all it's stating is some that is easily observed-- things naturally go toward a state of greater disorder. If you leave things alone, they will fall apart NOT EVOLVE! It's even worse for a Big Bang causing the creation of this universe; a big bang or explosion which is already highly disorderly will get worse (more disorderly). Thus we have the logical absurdity (self-contradiction): P & -P. Scientists are promoting both sides-- double standard! The second method of proof is that of empirical observation. We see it everywhere in the material world-- things are going through birth, death, old age and disease. You don't maintain your house, after many years it will gradually fall apart. Most of the old machines like TVs and computers from 20-30 years ago have fallen apart due to capacitors blowing up or leaking or backlights reaching their old age/death. We do not see old computers or robots evolving into new ones but some intelligent person maintaining them or building new ones before they fall apart. And modern machines are extremely simple compared to the advanced features of a species like a Honeybee (see Feb. 1999 newsletter for more details on this).

The third method of proof of scriptural authority (God's texts) is the most important one since we cannot rely on our limited empirical knowledge or even on our logic since we have a tendency to make mistakes, tendency to be illusioned, tendency to cheat, and possess imperfect senses. God's creation has to be realized through the help of God Himself. Things are falling apart in the material world in the form of old age, disease, and death as stated in the Bhagavatam (1.8.4): "...That is a summary of the pacifying measures for those affected by the reaction of stringent material laws, exhibited in the forms of birth, death, old age and disease, which are insoluble factors of material existence."

For example, even the laws of Thermodynamics do not apply to the spiritual world where things are eternal and not subject to any deterioration or even time. They call it a "law" of Thermodynamics but it's just an extrapolation (type of speculation) that it applies everywhere. With our limited senses and spacecraft, we'll never get to the spiritual domains beyond the reach of our material senses and material vehicles. One can take advantage of the supreme science book-- Srimad-Bhagavatam-- and know about all the laws and forces involved in the universe-- gross, subtle, and transcendental. At least it can be used as a starting point rather than blindly make trial and error experiments hoping to "discover" the truth.

"The intelligent person, with thoughtful discretion, can be assured by the great sage Vyasadeva that he can realize the Supreme Personality directly by hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam." (Bhag. 1.1.2)

"He comes to know everything of the absolute and the relative truths. The devotee cannot remain in darkness, and because a devotee is enlightened by the Personality of Godhead, his knowledge is certainly perfect. This is not the case for those who speculate on the Absolute Truth by dint of their own limited power of approach. Perfect knowledge is called parampara, or deductive knowledge coming down from the authority to the submissive aural receiver who is bona fide by service and surrender. One cannot challenge the authority of the Supreme and know Him also at the same time. He reserves the right of not being exposed to such a challenging spirit of an insignificant spark of the whole, a spark subjected to the control of illusory energy. The devotees are submissive, and therefore the transcendental knowledge descends from the Personality of Godhead to Brahma and from Brahma to his sons and disciples in succession. This process is helped by the Supersoul within such devotees. That is the perfect way of learning transcendental knowledge." (Bhag. 1.2.21)

"I meditate upon Lord Sri Krishna because He is the Absolute Truth and the primeval cause of all causes of the creation, sustenance and destruction of the manifested universes. He is directly and indirectly conscious of all manifestations, and He is INDEPENDENT because there is no other cause beyond Him....I therefore meditate upon Him, Lord Sri Krsna, who is ETERNALLY EXISTENT in the transcendental abode, which is forever free from the illusory representation of the material world." (Bhag. 1.1.1)

So the laws of the material world are different from and not applicable to the transcendental abode and since we are being affected by these laws whether we believe them or not, it's best to find out about them:

"The stringent laws of nature, under the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, cannot be altered by any living entity. The living entities are eternally under the subjugation of the almighty Lord. The Lord makes all the laws and orders, and these laws and orders are generally called dharma or religion. No one can create any religious formula."

Anyone who has received the Srimad-Bhagavatam through the AUTHORIZED DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION has the potential for knowing everything there is to know about reality (Absolute Truth) without even reading/researching the thousands of Vedic literatures. Of course, the mundane literatures which are written by people with imperfect senses and based on experimental knowledge cannot offer any help to know the Absolute Truth:

"Such persons could not recognize Lord Sri Krsna even when He was present before them. Another difficulty is that those who depend more on their imperfect senses cannot realize Him as the Supreme Lord. Such persons are like the modern scientist. They want to know everything by their experimental knowledge. But it is NOT possible to know the Supreme Person by imperfect experimental knowledge. He is described herein as adhoksaja, or beyond the range of experimental knowledge." (Bhag. 1.8.19)


In continuing with the theme of evolution being a myth, the multimedia CDs produced by Krishna Software Inc. have not evolved to support newer platforms or newer types of computing devices available like tablets. Given how quickly these things change, it's better to find a emulation solution for the newer incompatible devices and OSes rather than rewrite the executable code. Microsoft seems to have made a mistake making their newer 64-bit Windows OSes incompatible with older software. Not all people who wrote software in the 16-bit and 32-bit computing era are around to rewrite their software or even if they are around, they do not want to rewrite it. Most people are not going to continue using their old computers although old computers running older Windows can now be bought on for around $10. Some people just don't want multiple computers so this allows some inferior software to replace the superior software since the older software does not work on newer devices or OSes. Given people in business are mostly driven by money and power, it wouldn't be surprising if the incompatibility was done on purpose to wipe out competitors and get more profit. The Intel processors which Windows used to be written for are still backward compatible and support old and new operating systems (OSes). But whatever their strategy, it seems to have backfired as people have taken to other OSes and different non-Intel platforms. What is the point of rebuying new software for a bulky and slower Windows 7/8/10 if you can get a more efficient Android OS or other OS and get software for that OS which is essentially free along with many apps. If Microsoft wanted, they could have easily incorporated backward compaqtibility in the 64-bit OSes. Modern Windows OSes already hog up gigabytes of hard drive space and are slow and adding support for Windows 3.x would have added a negligible amount of space (a few megabytes) and no loss in performance. And what's a few megabytes given the extra bulky drivers and other software carried by modern Windows OSes that are never used or redundant. Fortunately, there are people who have written emulators and simulators to allow older Windows and DOS to be run on top of newer OSes even on newer non-Intel devices. Although this is not as efficient as having the software run in native (non-emulated) mode, it's better than nothing or having to get inferior software.

Before trying out an emulation scheme, it should be noted that new Windows-based tablets are still running 32-bit Windows so the multimedia CDs from Krishna Software run just fine without any emulation requirements. For example, the Asus T100 and K0X models and Toshiba Encore are Windows 8 32-bit tablets and we were able to run the Gita CD, Srimad-Bhagavtam CD, and Krsna CD fine just by attaching a mouse to the micro-USB port on these tablets. Touch screens are not supported on the older software so you need to hook up a mouse and use like a laptop. You can even hook up a keyboard, external CDROM drive, flash drive, etc. using a USB hub and it becomes just like a laptop. See pictures of our set up at our website in the technical support section showing Gita CD running on various modern tablets. This section will be updated as we try other tablets and configurations. Some tablets especially from Asus have a docking keyboard with mouse so you do not need a USB hub nor any mouse. The keyboard dock has it's own normal USB port along with a mouse pad so you can easily transfer contents of the multimedia CDs and then use the dock keyboard and mouse to operate the software. Even on 64-bit Windows-based desktops and laptops, you can install a 32-bit version of Windows 7, 8, or 10 if they provided you with the installation CD since as already mentioned the Intel processors are backward compatible with older 16-bit and 32-bit OSes. It's only the software of the 64-bit OSes that is preventing the execution of older software.

In searching through various emulators, there are several that we have come across that will run older Windows 3.x just fine on top of Windows 64-bit OSes like Windows 7, 8, and 10. One is called DOSBOX which is essentially a DOS emulator but older Windows were running on top of DOS anyways so one just has to install a few Windows files within the DOSBox and then install the multimedia CDs from Krishna Software Inc., and they will all work fine. And DOSBox is available for free and not only available for Windows 64-bit but also for Android, Linux and for Windows 32-bit OSes. Although Windows 32-bit OSes can run the Krishnasoft's multimedia CDs directly without emulation, given the bulky and slow response time of newer Windows OSes, you can still install DOSBox and emulate Windows 3.x. The multimedia CDs will run faster since the overhead of various layers of newer 32-bit Windows OSes is avoided and since older Windows 3.X weren't multitasking so other background tasks interfering (with pop-ups) and slowing things by eating up CPU time especially virus scanners won't be present! We have not tested all the various emulators out there but given the faster and faster processors coming out like Octacore Exynos from Samsung, even badly written emulators seem to perform pretty good. Some more DOS/Windows 3.x emulators worth mentioning are FreeDos, Aemula (not free), and JPC Sim. Note in emulating DOS/Windows 3.x, you don't have to worry about getting viruses or running virus scanners within the emulated environment. A virus or spyware from your main system cannot enter an emulated environment. They just are not that smart yet.

Here's a set up script for DOSBox that's working currently for us in running Krishnasoft's CDs on 64-bit OSes (you need to type these lines manually after running DOSBox or put them into the DOSBox configuration file so they run automatically):

mount c: c:\ksi

mount d: d:\ -t cdrom


cd win3



Here the gita cd, and/or Bhagavatam CD, and/or Krsna CD will be installed into subfolders within the c:\ksi folder. DOSBox mounts the root c: drive to be c:\ksi so it will not affect anything outside that folder. It mounts d: drive as the CDROM drive so you can install the CDs directly from CDROM. The minimal windows 3.x files need to be stored into the c:\ksi\win3 folder. You can use the ALT+ENTER key combination to toggle between full screen and windowed screen in DOSBOX.


[Here is some feedback since the last issue:]

>Regarding your remarks about theory of Evolution, the way it works is that it's survival of the fittest and natural selection so only the species that adapt to the changing nature survive and others die out so intelligence is not needed by the simple species itself but random mutations.

If you randomly change a fully functional system, it will just break down not form a better system. That's based on observation that anyone can make. And there's no such thing as random mutation, each change you make has some cause. Species only adapt in as much as it's already programmed within them; they don't form new features by random mutations. Just like a computer program will adapt as much as there's code written in it for the new scenarios.

[Actually people who think cosmic rays or other external factors cause changes in the species for better survival are just transferring the complexity of higher intelligence guidance requirements to nature. So it's just a new theory where nature guides evolution of the formation of a new species and that would essentially boil down to a higher intelligence creating a lower or equal intelligent species and not of evolution of a lower species to a higher one. We dealt with the idea of how people get deceived with the word "chance" to explain away complicated/organized events in the May 1999 newsletter (There is No Such Thing as Chance). Amazingly, modern theories have gotten worse (devolved) rather than evolved even under guidance from intelligent scientists. Albert Einstein tried to find exact laws of the universe in the form of equations and told people that God does not play dice, but now people endorse theories of Quantum Mechanics where meaningless terms like randomness/chance/chaos are all integrated into their theories and therefore they have made propaganda that exactness is a myth.]


Krishna Software Inc. is dedicated to help people become peaceful and happy via spiritual science presented using modern multimedia technology. Our editorial policy as well as our mission is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.2.37 Purport):

"One should engage in practical service to the Lord. In our Krsna consciousness movement, *ALL* our activities are concentrated upon distributing Krsna literature. This is very important. One may approach any person and induce him to read Krsna literature so that in the future he also may become a devotee.... By fully concentrating on distributing books for Krsna, one is fully absorbed in Krsna."

Our newsletters are geared to show you the benefits of the instructions contained in the transcendental books of Srila Prabhupada so you can judge for yourself the value of these books and obtain them in book or CDROM format. We also have video demos of the Gita CDROM and Bhagavatam CDROM available for those without computers or those who want to get a glimpse into what is on the CDROM.

Krishna Software Inc. has produced some multimedia CDROMs and all the details and reviews of these CDROMs can be found at our website Here is our current list of products:

(a) Multimedia Bhagavad-gita As It Is CD: Lord Krsna's eternal instructions to Arjuna and the rest of the world about Isvara (Supreme Lord), jiva (the soul), karma (activities), kala (time), and prakrti (nature). This is a 30-hour audio-visual CDROM. Also available with Hindi translations and w/MPDOS Pro for executing on Ataris/Amigas.

(b) Multimedia Srimad-Bhagavatam CD: An encyclopedia on the science of Krsna consciousness. This CDROM deals in detail with bhakti-yoga and covers various subjects-- the creation of the universe, Vedic astronomy, transmigration, birth-death, etc. This is about 35 hours of audio-visual presentations.

(c) Multimedia Krsna CD w/Vedic Astronomy: This is a 51-hour audio-visual presentation of the Krsna book and a Vedic Astronomy simulation based on the Srimad-Bhagavatam. All on a single CDROM. Free sample demo downloadable from our website.

(d) Multilingual Word Processor CD [version 4.00/5.00]: Type in diacritics, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, and Assamese without knowing the alphabet. This is for those who want to write articles using multiple languages. Free demo downloadable from our website. New version now supports Marathi script.

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